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I am going across the country to Washington state and back to Florida over 3 months, probably launching in March.  Patrons who follow me on Patreon can help me with several support levels - Groupie, Lights, Cameras, Action, Director, and Producer.  I post what I'm working on throughout the week and not anywhere else.  You can also simply follow me there but some posts are for Patrons only.

I am also accepting inquiries from Galleries for representation and I would love to visit while I am on the road.

Here are the destination points along the route:

To Washington

Jacksonville, Florida / Atlanta Georgia / Nashville, Tennessee / Memphis, Tennessee / St. Louis, Missouri / Jefferson City, Missouri / Kansas City, Missouri / Sioux Falls, South Dakota / Rapid City, South Dakota / Deadwood, South Dakota / Billings, Montana / Missoula, Montana / Coeur d'Alene, Idaho / Leavenworth, Washington / Seattle, Washington / Forks, Washington

To Florida

Portland, Oregon / La Grande, Oregon / Glenns Ferry, Idaho / Salt Lake City, Utah / Moab, Utah / Glenwood Springs, Colorado / Denver, Colorado / Manitou Springs, Colorado / Taos, New Mexico / Santa Fe, New Mexico / Amarillo, Texas / Dallas, Texas / Austin, Texas / San Antonio, Texas / Houston, Texas / Galveston, Texas / Lafayette, Louisiana / Mobile, Alabama / Tallahassee, Florida / Ocala, Florida / St. Petersburg, Florida